Synthetic resin type CK, CK2

These blocking pitches based on synthetic resins are designed for gluing with minimized tension.

Blocking pitches of type CK are suitable for applications where extremely high strength is required. Due to their resistance to mineral cut oils they can be used for drilling and cutting glass plates. A high portion of filling material prevents the edges from chipping when being drilled or cut. The choice of filler affects the consistence of the blocking pitch to be changed. Thereby, the components, glued for being processed, are not displaced at higher room
temperatures. By using fillers of extremely low expansion index blocking at most minimized tension can be made. These blocking pitches are used in ceramics and wafer production. Their chemical composition makes these blocking pitches suitable for blooming glass.

Technical Data

Type Hardness Softening Point in °C Solubility Specification
CK 36 ± 1 66 Acetone, Ethanol for ceramics and
39 ± 1 68 Acetone, Ethanol waferprocessing
41 ± 1 70 Acetone, Ethanol also available in black.
CK2 36 ± 1 67 Acetone, Ethanol for low tension
39 ± 1 69 Acetone, Ethanol
41 ± 1 71 Acetone, Ethanol

Please Note

When using blocking pitches of CK type work should be done under an exhaust vent to reduce smelling vapour. Heat exceeding 180°C over a longer period could result in thermal decomposition. Blocking pitch Type CK cannot be re-used.

Delivery Units

· Bars 25 x 25 x 160 mm
· Bars 85 x 25 x 160 mm
· Alu- trays 128 x 33 x 220 mm