Peel Off Lacquer PB-1

The peel-off lacquer PB-1 is a solvent-based quick-drying synthetic resin lacquer which is available in colorless, blue, and black. It has a very high elasticity by the addition of a special resin. After use, this protection lacquer can be removed residue free from the surface to be protected with the help of a peel-off tape. Further cleaning is not required.


The paint is used in optical production as a surface protection of mat or polished surfaces against chemical and mechanical influences.

Another application is the transport protection of various materials, such as glass, metal and plastic.

The application of the protection lacquer can be done by brushing, spraying or dipping. The dilution of the lacquer should be done exclusively with butyl acetate.

Technical Data

viscosity: 30 - 33 sec / 20 ° C / 4 mm nozzle
curing time: max. 2 hours.
resistance to water: after 2 hours no change of the layer
resistance to cooling concentrates: resistant
hardening time: at least 12 hours
solubility: residue free removable


The lacquer contains 65% of a combustible solvent.


1 kg tin can
5 kg canister