Technical Data

Appearance: white Slurry
Average particle size: 1,8 – 2,4 μ
° Beaumè: 20 °
pH: 2,8

HPA 50 HPA 60
Colour white white
Average particle size 1,2 µ 0,95 µ
° Baumé 23,5 30
pH 3,1±0,3 3,1±0,3


HPA 50:High stock removal rate resulting in a quality finish. Our most economical product of the series.

HPA 60: Highest stock removal rate and a high quality finish with low particle size.

All types have a long life. They are easy to set into suspension again and do not foam. Lenses and machine can be cleaned easily. For optimum results the polishes should be cooled during use.


  • 1 US gallon plastic can
  • 4 gallons / cardboard box