Technical Data

Texture: white / gray powder
Crystal phase: Alpha
Crystallite size (primary particle size): ~ 100 nm
pH (in water) ~ 4 - 5
Particle size distribution:
d50: ~ 0.4μm
d90: & lt; 5 μm

Typical chemical analysis

Alumina & gt; 99.90%
Sodium & lt; 0.01%
Iron & lt; 0.01%
Silicon & lt; 0.01%


Our SEPP Precision Aluminum Oxides are extremely well-suited to polishes that demand the highest quality. Due to their crystal structure and hardness, they are particularly suitable for polishing hard materials. Very good results have been obtained in polish for materials such as e.g. Other metals, plastics, glass, glass-ceramic, ceramics, lacquer, silicon, germanium and single crystals can be obtained.


1 kg container
5 kg container