Application: Pre-polishing in precision optics.

Technical Data

Average particle size: 2,5 μ (sedigraph)
pH: 7,5 ± 1
Colour: orange / beige

Concentration recommended

When spread by means of brushes: as requested
When used in circulating system: 60 – 90 g / l

The optimal values should be found empirically during production process. Mix the material with water at the concentration necessary and keep the slurry in circulation for approx. 15 minutes. CERI 400 VO should be applied immediately. The product is provided with a new suspension system which enables the slurry to be “activated” in order to guarantee a complete suspension. A freshly mixed suspension, not being used immediately, can be re-suspended only after shaking thoroughly.

Suspension Temperature: The temperature of the suspension should range between
30º C and 40º C.


25 kg cardboard box