Suposil 90 is a high-quality cerium oxide polishing agent. It has particularly been developed to achieve a very good surface quality by using high polishing rates.

This polishing agent is very well suited for pre- as well as fine polishing in micro, plan and round optics.

The Suposil Powders can be used use on synchrospeed polishing machines and polishing machines with recirculating systems. It is characterized by very good settling properties, a long service life and a high degree of cleanliness. They are versatile usable with polyurethane, felts and polishing pitches.

Technical Data

TREO: min. 90%
Average particle size: D50: 1,8-2.0 µ (Sedigraph)
pH: 6.5 - 8
Colour: white

Recommended Concentration of Suspension

Precision optics: 60 - 100 g / l
The optimal values shall be found experientially during operating conditions.

The temperature of the suspension should optimally be between 25 °C and 30 °C.


Pre-polishing and fine-polishing of Precision optics, lenses, prism, scientific and military instruments, LCD glass


25 kg cardboard box