Defoamer PB-4

The defoamer PB-4 is a continuous development of our proven defoamer PB-3.

This is a product that is ideal for defoaming coolant solutions and polishing agents based on cerium oxide in circulation systems.

Foaming can be significantly reduced or prevented by adding defoamer PB-4.

Technical Data

Characterization: Alkyl polyalkylene glycol ethers and fatty alcohols
Form: liquid, slightly odor
Color: light yellow
pH value: 4.5
Emulsifiable: with water


The defoamer PB-4 is mainly used in central circulation and individual systems of cooling lubricant solutions as well as cerium oxide polishing agents.


The defoamer PB-4 prevents the formation of foaming in cooling lubricant solutions as well as polishing agent suspensions and significantly reduces any foaming that has already occurred.

application recommendations

Starting concentration: 50 - 100 ml / m3

Please insert the defoamer PB-4 into the circulation system. Thereafter, the defoamer takes some time to fully disperse to develop its special defoaming action. If the desired anti-foaming effect does not appear after approx. 5 minutes, it may be necessary to add a small dose of approx. 50 ml / m3 again.

Recommended guidelines

dosage ca. 20 - 50 ppm (ca. 1-2 teaspoon) to 100 l. in polish suspensions.
about 50-100 ppm (about 2-4 teaspoons) to 1 m3 for cooling lubricant solutions.
distribution time about 5 minutes

The optimum settings are to be determined individually under operating conditions.
The defoamer PB-4 has the classification 2 in the water hazard class and is not subject to labeling according to the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances.


1 l. PE bottles