Optical cloth OCC-2010

The polyamide and polyester fiber ends are exposed. These exposed fiber surfaces are essentially responsible for the cleaning effect of the web and through the porous surface of the dirt is held in the fleece and is not redistributed to the surface to be cleaned. The fleece is capable of simultaneously removing hydrophilic and oleophilic dirt particles and retaining them in the pore structure.

Technical specifications

The cleaning cloths are available in sections of 38 cm x 40 cm. The cloths are washable, please do not add any fabric softener during the rinse cycle (maybe a few drops of vinegar). Other sizes on request. If necessary, wash the wipes before first use.


  • Hand cleaning of optical components e.g. before coating with reflective or antireflection coatings.
  • Hand cleaning of optical components before cementing


10 pieces in foil bag