Optical protective foil blue

The optical protection film was developed to protect polished and matt surfaces against chemical and mechanical influences.

Due to its excellent adaptation to different surface geometries, the protective film can be used as an alternative to solvent-based protective lacquers.


Optical protective film blue can be used for various applications, such as:

- sawing
- drilling
- milling
- Lapping
- fine grinding
- polishing
- blocking

Technical data

Dimensions: 35m x 10 cm
Colour: slightly blue, transparent
Film thickness: 0.08-0.14 mm
Force required to remove the protective film: 5-10N


- Easy and quick handling

- Available in different widths and lengths

- Easy, residue-free removal of the film

- Polished surfaces can be protected against dirt during long storage.


Role, 35 m x 100 mm
Other dimensions on request