Mixture of rosin and beeswax

This blocking pitch contains mainly rosin with a small additive of beeswax, which diminishes the brittleness and the hardness of the rosin.

This blocking pitch is mainly used for the temporary fixing of plano-optic components (sheets, strips) to substrates. What this blocking pitch estinguishes is the high adhesion and the simple treatment. During processing please note that the blocking pitch is heated up within a range of approx. 80° C to 120° C. In this range the viscosity for the treatment is optimal and a thermical decomposition of the blocking pitch can be avoided.

Please Note

Rosin pitches must be kept away from open fire as they are extremely inflammable.

Delivery Units

· Bars 25 x 25 x 160 mm
· Bars 85 x 25 x 160 mm
· Alu- trays 128 x 33 x 220 mm