Nano AL CDA C-30

For using high-performance polishing agents, the grain size distribution and the structure of secondary particles are of high importance. Nano-AL CDA C-30 is a polishing suspension based on alpha-aluminium oxide with a concentration of aluminium oxide >99.9% and particles of aluminium oxide abrasive in a range of 10 – 150 nm. The suspension can be thinned user-defined.

Technical Data

Appearance: white suspension
Solids content: 29 – 31%
Crystal phase: Alpha
Mohs hardness: 9
pH: ~ 4 - 5
Particle size: 10 – 150 nm
Grain size distribution :
d50: ~ 60 nm
d90: ~ 120 nm

Typical chemical analysis

Aluminium oxide > 99,90 %
Sodium < 0,050 % Iron < 0,013 % Silicium < 0,010 % Calcium < 20 ppm Magnesium < 20 ppm Potassium < 30 ppm Heavy metals < 30 ppm


Nano-AL CDA C-30 can be used instead of cerium oxide for polishing glass and glass ceramics. When polishing metals a slightly longer polishing time is required compared to the use of diamonds. This will be compensated by a much lower price for the polishing suspension used. The following key words indicate a variety of applications where Nano-AL CDA C-30 can be used:

- Infrared optics, silicon, germanium, cadmium sulphide, zinc sulphite
- Mono-crystal materials
- Fibre optics
- Soft materials, aluminium, lead, copper
- As raw materials for high-tech ceramics
- Due to its high spezific surface area (BET) of ca. 25 m2/g, Nano-AL CDA C-30 can be used for
catalytic purposes.
- Nano-AL CDA C-30 is an effective, scratch-proof additive for industrial layers as well.


- 1 kg bottle
- 5 kg bottle (on request)