Protective lacquer PBJ 2002

Special protective lacquer based on artificial resins and organic solvents. Due to its high quantity of solvents this lacquer is inflammable.

PBJ 2002 is available in transparent and black. Dye free of any pigments is used for colouring the varnish.

PROTECTIVE VARNISH PBJ 2002 is used for polished and matt surfaces. It stands out for its short drying time. It is dust-dry after 0.5 hours and fully cured after 1 – 2 hours. This varnish dries at room temperature.

Furthermore, this varnish can be used for lacquering small plano-optical components. Due to its short drying times it can be applied like a liquid blocking pitch. When using this varnish please note that the surfaces to be treated must be clean, dry and without any fat. The varnish can be applied by painting, spraying or dipping.

Technical data

Flowtime: 18 - 22 sec. / 20°C / 4 mm nozzle
Drying time: max. 2 hours
Resistance to water: good
Solubility: acetone, spiritus, ethylacetate

Please note:

Store in carefully sealed containers at room temperature. Do not expose direct sun. Provide adequate ventilation when handling this lacquer.

Delivery Units

1 l tin
5 l canister