Boron carbide

Boron Carbide is a non- oxide ceramics which hardness and durability roughly compared to diamond.
Boron carbide has a slightly higher hardness than, for example, silicon carbide and is suitable therefore for processing very hard materials such as sapphire, hard metals, synthetic gemstones and various ceramics.

As a loose grain, boron carbide is typically used for lapping, drilling and sawing applications and excels by it´s high removal rate which corresponds to short processing times and a particularly long service life. Due to the high purity and a narrow particle size distribution, boron carbide as a lapping material enables a high surface quality and a constant surface quality.

Types and grains available

The classification is based on FEPA, just like silicon carbide or aluminum oxide. The available grits cover the spectrum from F60 (260 µm) to F1200 (3.0 ± 0.5 µm).


50 kg drum
5 kg plastik can