Protective lacquer TLS blue / 2002


OPTICAL VARNISH TLS blue / 2002 is used for polishing plano-optical parts, particularly for contacting procedures. This varnish has a comparatively low drying time (dust-dry after approx. ½ hour, further processing possible after approx. 2 – 3 hours). It dries at room temperature.

When applying the varnish the surfaces to be treated must be clean, dry and free of any fat. The varnish can be applied by dipping or by means of brush.

Technical Data

Flowtime: 18 - 22 sec. / 20°C / 4 mm nozzle
Drying time: max. 3 hours
Resistance to water: good
Solubility: acetone, spiritus, butylacetate

Please note:

Store the varnish in sealed containers at room temperature. Keep from direct sun radiation. Provide for adequate ventilation.

Delivery Units

1 l tin
5 l canister