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Product Description

Product: ALUMINIUM OXIDE powder (Al2O3)
Colour: White
PH: 8,5
Hardness: 9,0 acc. Mohs
Specific gravity: 3,8
L.O.I.: < 0,35 Crystal structure: hexagonal (platelet-shaped grains) Chemical Structure Al2O3 99,60 % SiO2 0,02 % Fe2O3 0,03 % Na2O 0,40 % L.O.I. 0,35 %

Types and Grains available

In addition to our untreated standard products MICROGRIT WCA is also available as treated version. This type was developed to avoid sedimentation which can occur in water and oil suspensions.

Abrasive compounds provided with “Suspension Treatment” can be identified by the letters “T” resp. “TO” following the number for grain size. Our experts will provide you further information regarding application on request. “Suspension Treatment” does not cause any additional charges. MICROGRIT WCA is available in the following grain sizes: Following details were measured by Smypa Tec HELOS/ KF

Size 94% Min. 50% 3% Max
WCA 1 0.21 1,77-2,25 6,23
WCA 3 0.25 2.97-3.85 9.52
WCA 5 0.54 3.72-4.74 11.40
WCA 9 1.36 5.60-6.75 13.47
WCA 12 1.90 7.05-8.50 17.60
WCA 15 3.96 9.06-11.13 21.36
WCA 20 4.76 12.40-14.66 30.11
WCA 25 7.37 16.92-20.60 41.00
WCA 30 10.30 23.67-27.45 52.77
WCA 40 13.65 31.70-37.60 62.30

We would be pleased to assist you finding alternative MICROGRIT WCA grains for abrasives being used in your production.

Quality Assurance

MICROGRIT WCA production meets strict quality demands. MICROGRIT WCA is permanently tested during production and at final quality control to assure its high quality at very limited tolerances. For measuring the dispersion of grains three standard techniques are used:

· Comparing by microscope
· Sedimentation by US-sedimentometer

Shape of Grains

MICROGRIT WCA is platelet shaped. The ratio of grain length to grain height is 5 : 1. Due to their flat shape the particles orient parallel to work-piece and tools. A larger grain surface enables a higher performance and, consequently, a faster processing time. Furthermore, the pressure is thereby distributed uniformly over a large part of the surface resulting in a longer abrasive life cycle than with conventional abrasives.

The sliding action of the crystals prevents surface damages, as opposed to the rolling motion of conventional abrasives. This fact results in a higher surface quality and a reduced random scratching.

Mix / Concentration

MICROGRIT WCA is usually mixed as a water or oil suspension. Due to the flat grain shape one half of the amount of concentration is recommended in comparison to conventional abrasives. Detailed information concerning the mixture of MICROGRIT WCA please find in our INSTRUCTIONS FOR APPLYING MICROGRIT WCA.