In modern manufacturing technology, a wide range of dosing systems for liquids and pastes are used. They make it possible to dose even the smallest quantities from 0.001 grams up to repeatable larger quantities of a few grams with a high degree of accuracy.

One of the universal and most common dosing principles is the pressure-time system. The precision dispensers AV-R 100 with retention vacuum as well as AV-R 110 with retention vacuum and timer from Pieplow & Brandt are dosing devices of this type that allow precise dosing of various low to high viscosity liquids. The material to be dosed is fed in cartridges. The dosing needle is used to adapt to the material and the dosing point. The lower the viscosity and the smaller the amount to be dosed, the smaller the needles are. Dosing takes place via a pressure pulse on the material surface inside the cartridge. The air presses on the material and pushes it through the dosing needle onto the dosing point. For this purpose, the externally applied compressed air is "switched through" for a short period of time with an electropneumatic valve. The pressure that is then built up in the cartridge can be adjusted with a mechanical regulator.

In the case of materials with low viscosity, a vacuum function is also required in order to keep the material in the cartridge during the dosing breaks and to prevent it from dripping out of the cartridge. This system has been tried and tested for years and is suitable for many applications.


Our precision dispensers are used to dispense material from small cartridges. It controls the dosing pneumatically and can be set precisely using the built-in pressure regulator. The integrated vacuum retention system prevents dripping at the dispensing needle.

Technical Data

power Supply: 230V AC / 50Hz (Internal 12V DC)
power consumption: 12W (standby <0.5W)
inlet pressure range: 3 - 6 bar (40 - 90 PSI)
output pressure range: 0 - 4 bar (0 - 60 PSI)
dimensions housing: W x H x D: 150 x 115 x 60mm
weight: approx. 950 grams

Optional Accessories

• dispensing needles of different shapes and sizes
• adapter with hose and coupling for 3, 5, 10, 30 / 55cc
• closure caps for different cartridge sizes
• plug for different cartridge sizes for high and low viscosity media
• empty cartridges of different sizes


• 1x Precision Dispenser
• 1x user manual
• 1x power supply
• 1x footswitch
• 1x cartridge storage stand