Optic lacquer 9 special SO2

Optiklack 9 spezial SO2 is an artificial resin lacquer with butylacetate used as solvent. A special artificial resin additive provides a high elasticity. Available in black or transparent color.

This lacquer is used to provide protection and adhesion for the optical production. Due to its excellent adhesion elements contacted can be protected from water to remove them.

Furthermore, this lacquer can be used for polished or matt surfaces to protect them from chemical and mechanical affects.

Optiklack 9 spezial SO2 is applied by painting, spraying or dipping. This lacquer must only be diluted by using butylacetate.

Technical data

Flowtime: 16– 20 sec. / 20°C / 4 mm nozzle
Drying time: max. 3 hours
Resistance to water: after 3 hours no change of lacquer film
Resistance to petroleum: resistant
Curing time: at least 12 hours
Solubility: acetone

Please note:

Above named varnish contains 55% flammable solvent.

Delivery Units

1 l tin
5 l canister