Suspension Treatment Everflo

EVERFLO is particularly designed to provide buoyancy of particles in abrasive and polishing compounds, and prevent them from settling. By adding EVERFLO the suspension does not run off the spindle, which results in shorter processing times. EVERFLO does not dry out. At any time machines can be easily cleaned by using a wet sponge.

EVERFLO is not toxic.

EVERFLO is not corrosive.

EVERFLO even provides buoyancy for heavier particles.

EVERFLO bound abrasive and polishing compounds adhere to the spindle at high speed.

EVERFLO can be used for application by means of brush or in circulating systems.


The following start-up concentration is recommended:
circulating system finish-grinding 1 : 10
polishing: 1 : 20
using brush grinding: 1 : 5
polishing: 1 : 10

The optimal ratio should be found at individual processing


1-gallon plastic bottle
4-gallons / cardboard box