Diamond Fine Grinding Disc Resin Bond

Diamond fine grinding discs were developed as an alternative to conventional lapping processes to achieve the best results regarding the removal rates, surface quality and life time of the tools.

This allows a simple, clean and efficient grinding process.

Technical Data

Available Diameter : 200/ 250/ 300/ 350/ 400mm
(other diameter on request) sonst. Größen von 4“- 24“

Available grit sizes: 2/ 3/ 5/ 8/ 10/ 15/ 30 µm
(Other grit sizes on request)

Binding: resin bond

Cooling: water or coolant/ water mixture

The diamond fine grinding discs are delivered with an adhesive backside.


Our Diamond fine grinding discs are suitable for the surface treatment of metals, ceramics, optical glasses and crystals.

They can be used on all conventional polishing and lapping machines.

Optimum values like pressure and R/pm must be empirically determined under operating conditions.


1 pc.
10 pc.