Technical Data

Texture: white powder
Crystal phase: Alpha
Crystallite size (primary particles): ~ 10-120 nm
pH (in distilled water): ~ 4 - 5
Particle size distribution:
d50: ~ 0.2-0.4 μm
d90: <5 μm Measured with X-ray disc centrifuge Brookhaven BI-XDC (sedimentation)

Chemical Structure

Alumina & gt; 99.90%
Sodium & lt; 0.050%
Iron & lt; 0.013%
Silicon & lt; 0.010%


Our SEPP Precision Aluminum Oxides are exceptionally well-suited to polishes where the highest quality is required. Due to their crystal structure and hardness, they are particularly suitable for polishing hard materials. Very good results could be found here e.g. in the polishing of materials such as e.g. Stainless steel, other metals, plastics, glass, glass ceramic, ceramics, lacquer, silicon and single crystals can be achieved.


1 kg container
5 kg container