Peel Off Lacquer PB-2

The peel-off lacquer PB-2 is a water-based protective lacquer. The advantage of this water-based lacquer system is that no special precautions need to be taken when using it. This lacquer is transparent, non-flammable, ph-neutral and there is no chemical waste, which may need to be disposed of separately. After use, this paint can be removed without residue from the surface to be protected with the help of a peel-off tape. Further cleaning is not required.


The paint is used as a surface protection of sensitive surfaces against chemical and mechanical influences.

Another application is the transport protection of various materials, such as glass, metal and plastic.

The application of the paint can be done by brushing (brush or small paint roller), spraying (air less) or diving. Further dilution of this protective lacquer is expressly not recommended.

Technical Data

viscosity: 32 - 35 sec / 20 ° C / 4 mm nozzle
curing time: max. 2-4 hours depending on the layer thickness
resistance to water: after 1 hour no change of the layer
resistance to cooling concentrates: partially resistant
hardening time: at least 12 hours
solubility: residue-free removable


The lacquer contains no solvents and is not classified as dangerous good.


1 kg tin can
5 kg canister