Tizon Polishing Pad Adhesive

Our TIZON POLISHING PAD ADHESIVE is especially designed for bonding polyurethane, rubber, leather and textiles.

Solid components: 22 % ± 1%
Specific gravity: 0,82 kg / l
Consistency: thin
Viscosity at 26°C: ca. 550 mPa.s
Colour: yellow
Flash-off time: approx. 45 min


When bonding materials the surfaces being bonded have to be dry and clean, free of any oil and contaminants. Surfaces should be sharpened by emery paper, if necessary. Stir adhesive carefully and spread it smoothly. For very absorbent surface materials more than one application is required. Join and press the components together keeping strictly to the flash-off time prescribed. The full curing will be achieved after 3 – 5 days. Residues of adhesive can be removed by a thinner suited to our TIZON POLISHING PAD ADHESIVE.


TIZON POLISHING PAD ADHESIVE should be kept at 20°C (± 5°C). Its shelf life is 6 months. Storing at higher temperatures decreases shelf life, lower temperatures effect a temporary higher viscosity.


· 5-l bottle
· 2 bottles / cardboard box