Optic lacquer M-Lack 10

M-LACK 10 is a protective varnish containing spiritus as solvent. It is available in transparent and black.

M-LACK 10 is used as protection when polished surfaces are being exposed mechanical processing.

Furthermore, M-LACK 10 can be used to prevent plaster tool, which is used in the optical production, from soaking water.

The varnish can be applied by painting, spraying or dipping. It can be thinned by spiritus.

Technical data

Flowtime: 23 – 29 sec. / 20°C / 4 mm nozzle
Drying time: max. 3 hours
Resistance to water: after 3 hours no change of lacquer film
Curing time: at least 12 hours
Solubility: acetone, spiritus

Please note:

Above named varnish contains 60% flammable solvent.

Delivery Units

1 l tin
5 l canister