Optic lacquer Ilmar P4

ILLMAR P4 is a liquid to medium-liquid artificial resin lacquer being used for polished or matt surfaces to be protected from mechanical and chemical affects as well as for protecting edges.

ILLMAR P4 black is particularly suitable for examining surfaces for impurities and accuracy. It can also be used for glass susceptible to acids and weather conditions.

The varnish is applied by painting, spraying or dipping. It can only be diluted with the solvent acetone (see below).

Technical data

Flowtime: 14 – 16 sec. / 20°C / 4 mm nozzle
Drying time: max. 3 hours
Resistance to water: good
Resistance to petroleum: resistant
Curing time: at least 12 hours
Solubility: acetone

Please note:

Above named varnish contains 60% flammable solvent. It should be applied providing adequate ventilation.

Delivery Units

1 l tin
5 l canister