Dispensing Needles

The requirements for dispensing needles are high. These are used when glues or liquids must be
applied or processed with a maximum of precision and efficiency.

Our dispensing needles are characterized by a high processing quality and enable a constant flow
of various liquids or pastes. In combination with our precision dispensers our dispensing needles are the ideal tool for precise and highly efficient dispensing.

All available dispensing needles are free from silicones and chlorides. Due to the stainless steel tubes, which are polished on the inside, these are suitable for a multitude of different liquids. Suitable for a working pressure of up to 6.8 bar.

dispensing needle - conical

The smooth shape of the conical dispensing needles, in combination with the use of a precision dispenser, enable precise and efficient dispensing of a wide variety of adhesives and other liquids.

UV dispensing needles - conical

Due to the included UV stabilizer, this kind of dispensing needle is particularly recommended for working with UV adhesives and all other UV-reactive liquids.

precision dispensing needle

The precision dispensing needle has an extended outlet and is suitable for applying liquids to hard-to-reach areas.

precision dispensing needle - curved

The curved shape of the needle makes it easy to apply various liquids, even in hard-to-reach places.