GUGOLZ polishing pitch

GUGOLZ polishing pitches are special mixtures of natural resins and bitumen, which are applied to a polishing tool as a polishing agent carrier in high-performance optics. The polishing pitches are available in five different viscosity grades (degrees of hardness).

The polishing pitches are applied by pouring, dropping or melting onto a polishing plate in pure form or in a mixture with reinforcers (wood flour, felt flakes, polishing powder).
Hard pitch types and those with amplifiers are suitable for pre-polishing at higher pressures and rotational speeds, while the soft types are used for precision optics under mild working conditions.

Technical Information

Available hardnesses: soft (55), middle (64, 73), hard (82, 91)
Solubility: Aceton


in 1 kg cardboard drums
in bars 85 x 25 x 160 mm