SUPOSIL is a water-based polishing slurry based on cerium oxide which has been specially developed for the use in fine and precision optics. SUPOSIL fulfills the highest demands on surface quality and has unique properties for a variety of applications in the optical field. Suposil polishing slurry are delivered pre-mixed as a polishing suspension and have a carefully controlled and narrowly classified particle size distribution.

Technical Information

CeO2: 99 %
Total Rare Earth Oxides: 99 %
Average Particle Size: 0,90 µ (Sedigraph)
Max. Particle Size (d90): < 5,0 µ
pH – Value: 7 - 9
color: white

Recommended Concentration

The suspension can be further diluted with very soft water or with DI water. The optimal values are to be determined empirically under operating conditions.


Fine- and Precision Optics


1 Gal. Plastic Can
4 Gal. Plastic Can / cardboard Box