Cementing Foil/ Cementing Pads

Cementing foils and pads consist of special paper or cloth soaked in blocking pitch. The foils and pads supplied suit to a wide range of various optical parts.

Cementing foil is used for low-tension fixing of optical components to be processed. It protects the lenses from contacting the metallic tool. Additionally, it provides protection when the second side of the work piece is being processed. Pads matching the size of the optical parts are die-cut from the foil. For round optics cementing pads type MKS are available as matrix on black or white cloth.

Technical Data

Hardness: 42 ± 1
Solubility: Acetone, Ethanol
Resistance: resistant to oil-containing coolants and Petroleum
Matrix used: Special cloth black
Thickness of foil: 0,5 ± 0,1
Temperature in °C: 80 – 100

Delivery Units

· Roll (cloth) 15 m x ca. 450 mm
· Pads in quantities from 1 kg, Diameter: 40 – 150 mm