This protective varnish is a special varnish based on synthetic resins and organic solvents. It is characterized by very short drying times, a long service life and a stable surface. It is dustdry after about 0.5 hours and fully cured after about 1-2 hours. This varnish dries at room temperature. Due to the high solvent content, this protective varnish is flammable. This optical protection lacquer is free of color pigments and other fillers.


The optical protection paint PBJ 2050 is used as a protective varnish for matt and polished surfaces.
When applying the protective varnish, always ensure that the surface to be treated is clean, dry and free of dirt and grease. The application of the paint can be done by brushing, spraying or dipping.

Technical Data

Flowtime: 16-18 sec. / 20°C / 4 mm nozzle
Drying time: 0,5 hours
Resistance to water: after 10 hours no change of lacquer film
Resistance to petroleum: resistant
Curing time: at least 2 hours
Solubility: acetone, butyl acetate

Please note

Store in tightly closed containers at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Ensure adequate workplace ventilation when processing.


- 1 kg tin can
- 5 kg canister