Synthetic resin type MKS

These petroleum and oil resisting blocking pitches are based on synthetic resins (Ketone formaldehyde resp. Maleinate resins). They are generally used for almost all processing steps in the optical production.

Blocking pitches based on synthetic resins are due to their good handling used for almost all steps when processing optic parts. Due to their low acidity these blocking pitches are even suitable for processing glass susceptible for blooms/stains.

Technical Data

Hardness Softening point in °C Solubility Specifications
36 ± 1 66 Acetone, Ethanol resistant to
39 ± 1 68 Acetone, Ethanol oil-containing
41 ± 1 70 Acetone, Ethanol coolants

Please Note

Blocking pitches should be handled under an exhaust as, due to calefaction during the production process, offensive vapours occur. Heating above 180°C for a longer period resulting in thermal decomposition should be avoided.

Delivery Unit

· Bars 25 x 25 x 160 mm
· Bars 85 x 25 x 160 mm
· Alu- trays 128 x 33 x 220 mm