Nano CERI Type PB

Nano-Ceri is a suspension especially used for finish-polishing. It stands for a small particle
size and an extremely small Particle Size Distribution. Its pH-value is 7.0, however, can be
adjusted between 4.5 and 8.0. The specific surface of this Ceriumoxide amounts to 60 ± 20
m2/g. By using this polishing compound an Rq of 0.2 – 0.3 nm (2 – 3 Å) can be reached. This
pre-fabricated suspension can be diluted with distilled water. Special additives make the
particles float for a long time and prevent from settling.

Ceroxide content: >99,8%
Average grain size: 70-90nm (D50)
pH-value: 8
Suspension colour: white

Recommended concentration

Nano-CERI PB is available with standard concentrations of 2%, 4% and 10% as a ready to
use suspension. The suspension can be diluted with DI water if necessary. The optimal
values are to be determined in each case empirically under operating conditions.


1 liter PE – Bottle
5 liter PE – Canister
25 liter PE – Canister