CERI Opaline

OPALINE is high purity cerium oxide polishing agent. It was developed specifically for the finish polishing in the micro, plan and round optics of both hard and soft glasses, glass ceramics and certain crystals. OPALINE is suitable for the circulation systems as well as brush lubrication. As the polishing agent carrier are suitable polyurethane films, felts as well as polishing pitches.


Finnish polishing of different glasses, quartz and ceramic glass in precision optics.
Laser optics
Micro optics

Technical Data

Average size, d50: 0,5 -1,0 µ
pH of the aqueous suspension: 7
Appearance: white
TREO: ≥ 99 %
CeO2/TREO: ≥ 99 %

Recommended concentration of suspension

Brush lubrication: as required
Circular lubrication: 50 - 100 g / l

The optimal values shall be found experientially during operating conditions.


20kg cardbox