Coolant TC-950

Synthetic, water-based cooling lubricants are increasingly displacing the traditional mineral oil-based cooling lubricants in glass and metalworking. Synthetic coolants are free of oils and have a particularly good bacterial resistance, which significantly minimizes the afteraddtive with biocides.

The significantly improved service life of these coolants significantly reduces the waste volume and thus the disposal costs.

The TC-950 is a synthetic coolant concentrate developed for general grinding, high speed grinding, CNC machining as well as drilling and sawing of technical glass and metals. It is suitable for use in individual machines as well as in central systems.

The excellent wetting properties and the exceptional good flow behavior of the removed material lead to a lower carry-out of the cooling lubricant, which significantly extends the service life.

TC-950 is water soluble, diethanolamine, phenol and nitrite free. It contains no mineral oil. According to the present Wastewater Technical Report, TC-950 may, with the approval of the drained into the sewer system by the local water authority.


· long life time
· better drainage behavior of the removed material
· better material removal rate
· increased feed
· ideal protection against microbial growth
· low-foaming work
· reliable corrosion protection

Recommended concentration

· edge processing: 2%
· sawing, drilling, bevelling: 2-3%
· high-speed grinding: 3%
· CNC machining: 3%

Technical specifications

Density at 20 ° C according to DIN 51757: 1.163 - 1.166 g / ml
Refractive index at 20 ° C according to DIN 51433: 1.370 - 1.380
pH (3%) according to DIN 51369: 8.8 - 9.0
Odor: neutral
Color: slightly reddish


5 kg plastic can
25 kg Canister
120 kg plastic drum


When stored in well-sealed packing drums and at temperatures of 5 – 40 °C,
TC - 950 can be kept for a minimum period of 2 years.