Diamond pellets

Diamond pellets become more and more importance for fine grinding in the optical manufacture especially for lenses, mirrors and prisms. Diamond pellets are regarded as a highly efficient method for grinding optical parts. Unlike the more traditional loose abrasive grinding method, diamond grinding pellets are able to provide smooth surfaces more quickly and leads to essential shorter polishing times.


Cost effective
Environmentally friendly
High performance
Future oriented


  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Ceramics
  • Sapphire

Available concentrations and thicknesses

Diameter: 4 mm - 30 mm, thickness 2 mm - 15 mm
Available grit sizes: 2µ - 184µ
Other grit sizes available on request.

Standard concentration: C30 + C50
other concentrations available on request.

Available shapes: round and hexagonal

Available as resin bonded, ceramic bonded, metal bonded and hybrid bonded